Redefining Finance for a Greener Future

1st event of THE GREEN VERSE series

The Verse, Sheung Wan
12 Sept, 2023 16:00 - 20:00, HKT
Organized By Finoverse – the global network of FinTech and Web3 professionals and investors, who are building the next generation of the finance industry
Supported By InvestHK - Government Department of Foreign Direct Investment

Foster the Growth of Green Initiatives in Hong Kong

What is green verse?

Join The Green Verse, an InvestHK-supported event series promoting Hong Kong as a green technology and finance hub.

Designed to support banking partners, consultancy service providers, technology and services providers, regulators, and institutions in the green sector. Green Verse nurtures green initiatives, facilitates innovative financing, and provides convenient access to impactful capital by offering valuable insights from industry leaders and by connecting stakeholders within the sector.

At Finoverse, we are committed to a greener, sustainable future through our global events and sustainable practices. Join us at The Verse, our cutting-edge Fintech hub in Hong Kong, to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations driving green finance agendas and shaping Hong Kong's green finance landscape.

Challenges We’ll Address Together

At The Green Verse, we're committed to deep diving into the challenges facing the Green Finance industry.
Climate change and actioning on its impacts
Lack of private sector financing for decarbonisation activities
Lack of agreement on and availability of actionable ESG data
Seeing beyond the ESG labels
Translating ESG strategy into the investment or credit decision-making process
Lack of centralised conversation on ESG commitments

Enjoy our hybrid programme

This event features inspiring keynote speakers and informative panel discussions in a hybrid format, allowing you to learn from experts in green bonds, ESG talents, and Finance's role in achieving Net Zero and carbon positivity. Don't miss the business matching session as well as the networking party to connect and build lasting relationships with potential partners and collaborators.
Panel Discussions,
Workshops & Demos
One-on-One meet up with investors and founders
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The Verse
Sheung Wan
4 Series
Sustainable catering supported by local vendors

Join the first event of the series!

12th Sept, 2023 16:00 - 20:00, HKT
THE VERSE, Sheung Wan

Reception Open & Networking
Panel Discussion on Sustainable Finance x FinTech (In-person & livestreaming)
Driving Climate Action: Hong Kong's Role in the Global Green Transition

In this session, participants will examine Hong Kong's role in the global green transition and its commitment to climate action. Speakers will discuss the city's green policies, initiatives, and targets, and explore the potential for collaboration between the public and private sectors to accelerate the green transition and achieve sustainability goals.

Florian Spiegl
Florian M Spiegl



Elsa Pau

Group CEO


King Leung


King Leung

Head of Financial Services and Fintech

Invest Hong Kong

How can we fund the transition to a green economy?

The UN says we need to invest $100 billion annually to reach net zero. How can we route investors and asset managers into the required green funding? How can Hong Kong’s financial sector create incentives for and ease access to green financial instruments?

Cindy Ngan
Cindy Ngan

Partner – Climate & Sustainability


Kelvin Yuen
Kelvin Yuen

Head of North Asia & CFO



Will Haskins

Head of Strategy and Content


Driving ESG Progress with Technology: The Synergy of Sustainable Finance and FinTech

Technology has transformed financial services, but can the wave of fintech innovation help us achieve our sustainability commitments? This panel will explore how fintech initiatives can incorporate sustainability features into their products and increase the understanding of the climate impact of our financial decisions.

Julien Martin
Julien Martin

CEO and Co-founder

Digital Climate Group

Ben McQuhae

Founder, Ben McQuhae & Co

Co-founder, HKGFA



FTAHK GreenTech Commitee

Business Matching Session & Networking Party
*Stay tuned for more exciting sustainability events and discussions on diverse topics.
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