Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Riyadh I May 7-11, 2023

Finoverse Arabia
An Exclusive FinTech & Web3 Tour

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Don’t limit your opportunities in the Middle East by visiting just one city

Arabia Discovery Tour is a key part of the Finoverse initiative that connects global Web3 and virtual assets hubs by bridging key regional decision-makers and industry leaders. Immerse yourself in the Middle East by connecting with regulators, investors and founders from three cities at the heart of Web3 growth and potential.

Abu Dhabi

Bringing You Exclusive Opportunities

During this one-week tour, we will curate private meetings and one of a kind experiences across three locations: Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Riyadh to help you cut through the noise and grab the next billion-dollar opportunity.

Premier connection with 25 key decision-makers from the Greater Bay Area.

Exclusive private meetings with the highest authorities from the Middle East region.

Insights on regulatory support and processes in FinTech, Web3 and Digital Asset hubs in the Middle East.

Networking opportunities with FinTech & Web3 founders from the Greater Bay Area and the Middle East region.

Unforgettable experiences crafted to embrace the new era of technology and finance.

Access to international VCs & investors, opportunity to attract foreign direct investment.

The delegation of this Web3 & FinTech Tour is limited to
25 participants
, and exclusive to:

Your Journey
Through Arabia Awaits

Day 1
  • Networking with the UAE FinTech community during Finoverse Arabia Live event
Day 2
Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • Connect with global FinTech leaders during Dubai FinTech Summit
  • Celebrate industry growth and get premier connection with key Investment players
Day 3
Abu Dhabi
  • Deep dive into the latest investment trends and regulations in the Middle East during the Abu Dhabi Annual Investment Meeting
  • Enjoy networking during a desert sunset
Day 4
Abu Dhabi
  • Discuss business opportunities with strategic partners from Saudi Arabia
Day 5
  • Navigate the FinTech landscape with Saudi FinTech entrepreneurs and Web3 founders
More detailed information about the programme will be shared upon request

Companies Joining Us

Finoverse Arabia
bridging the Web3 ecosystem of MENA and APAC

Join Us also for Finoverse Arabia, a business-focussed event to gathers leading Middle East FinTech experts, Web3 Innovators and tech startups. This is the unique opportunity to join in on the conversation with forward-thinking and looking leaders on all things FinTech!

7th May 2023
What Time:
15:30-18:30, GST
Museum of
the Future, Dubai

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