Freespace West Kowloon, Hong Kong 29 May 2023

Radical Finance  Asia

Push beyond the hype and unlock the potential of Web3 & AI in Finance
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At The Intersection of FinTech, Web3 & AI

Calling out professionals in the Financial industry! Join us for the only Web3 in Finance event you’ll need on May 29th at Freespace, West Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Our event is by invitation only and limited to 400 international elites across FinTech, Web3 and AI. You’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable connection and firsthand experience on the potential of web3 & AI in solving real-world business challenges.

Our venue is one of the coolest in town, thoughtfully designed to encourage open conversations and meaningful exchanges on trending topics. Together, let’s push beyond the hype to explore how the transition to Web3 & AI will transform financial services.

What sets us apart from the other Web3 events

Aspiring Theme:
From Web2.0 to Web3.0 in Finance
We will explore topics that can assist financial institutions in future-proofing themselves for the transition from Web2 to Web3.
Corporate Transition to Web3
B2B Tech Infrastructure Providers
Institutional DeFi and Digital Assets
The Potential of Enterprise Web3 Applications
we will also discuss:
Application in Finance
We will discover how the industry is adapting to
the rapid expansion of AI
How generative AI are disrupting the Finance industry
AI transformation of the workforce
Different AI models and their impact
Key considerations when scaling AI

Event Format

designed to facilitate impactful discussions
By invitation-only event with a focus on high-quality B2B audience
Facilitating connections and meetings between industry professionals
In-depth discussions and roundtables led by experts in the field
Practical use cases and demos showcased to provide a hands-on understanding of Web3's potential to solve real-world business challenges

Private Roundtable Discussion

A private roundtable discussion will be reserved for industry leaders and experts. Discussions will range from AI to virtual assets and will take place in a closed setting.
Hong Kong's quest to become the ultimate virtual asset hub
How to capitalise on investment opportunities in the Web3 era
From Legacy Systems to Web3: Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey for Traditional Finance Institutions
Insights and findings from these exclusive roundtables will be assembled into a final report that will then be made available for all.

Networking in Radical Finance

Collaboration between corporate, institutions, investors, and startups is crucial for driving the FinTech industry forward and shaping the future of finance in Hong Kong. Our networking events offer one-on-one curated meetings with Founders and Interactive discussions to facilitate these valuable connections.
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Freespace at West Kowloon
17:00 - 20:30
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